Raul Grisolia

Fires from the West.
Rome. Palazzo Valentini. 1992.
Text by Vanni Ronsisvalle

Towards Timelessness.
Warsaw. Gallery Zapiecek. 1994.
Text by Monika Malkowska (engl. transl. by Catarina Byrne).

Resonance of Ego.
Rome. Galleria Yanika. 1993.
Texts by Giorgio Di Genova and Barbara Martuscello.

State of tension.
Warsaw. Gallery PN. 1995.
Text by Zofia Jablonowska (engl. transl. by Marek Lewinson).

Silent Symbols.
Ascoli Piceno. Galleria L'Idioma. 1994.
Text by Giuliano Serafini.
One man exhibition.
Rome. Caffè L'Extra. 2001.
Lumps, Fragments, Engravings.
Cracow. Galleria dell'Istituto Italiano di Cultura. 1994.
Text by Jaroslaw Mikolajewski.
One man exhibition..
Rome. Gallery Iõansen. 2002.

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