Raul Grisolia



Raul Grisolia was born in 1958 in a little village of Albanian origin in the south of Italy.
He took a degree in History of Theatre at the University of Rome, but he was so charmed by the use of images that he turned out toward cinema studies. He studied in Paris with Jean Rouch and he took the PHD in Aix en Provence, with a thesis on the relationship between cinema and painting in the Luis Bunuel's movies.
He taught in the Universities of Warsaw and Aix en Provence. Today he lives in Rome and he teaches either in the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (Department of Arts and Sciences of Spectacle) or in a High School of Art.
Many kinds of different feelings influence his art and lead him to a continue testing of different techniques and matters. He moves in a multidimensional space in which theatre, cinema, painting, theoretical critique and practical work have an independent and, at the same time, interactive role.



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